is all about democratizing the web.  As the Web has grown and matured, it has become a place where enormous amounts of money are generated by users like you and me.  Today, all profits are kept by the large and ever-growing search and other commercial companies.  But what about the rest of us?  BeRuby changes the old model by putting cash back into your pocket when you use the web to buy things (and eventually even to search) online.  It also taps into the potential of your network, by creating cash back rewards for you by enlisting the help of your network.

The Web is, after all, about you.  So with BeRuby you can personalize your start page, putting the sites that matter most to you front and center.  No need to keep a long list of bookmarks of sites you use - we can remember that for you.  Plus, you get cash back.  Did we mention that yet?

BeRuby is a international site, with offices and sites in Spain (where it all started), the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and even  here in the USA.

The company is led by our fearless leader María Nieves Pérez ( in Spain,  and the backend technology is provided by ASPGems.  BeRuby has received initial funding from the investment bank GBS Finanzas.

The U.S. site development is being lead by Joe MacFarland (, an Internet startup veteran who previously worked for over 8 years at Yahoo! both in the US and in Europe. 

More information on the project and the company can be found in our blog


BeRuby is the commercial name of MiRubi Internet S.L., Spanish entity based at Avenida Manoteras, 38 Bloque C-207, 28050, Madrid, with CIF nº B-85127991 and registered in the Registro Mercantil de Madrid al tomo 24.355 libro 0, sección 8, folio 81 y hoja M-438053